Chenyang Lei (雷晨阳)

Chenyang Lei is a third year Ph.D. student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), supervised by Qifeng Chen. He obtained his Bachelor's degree at Zhejiang University in 2018.

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  • News (Mar 2021): Two papers are accepted to CVPR 2021.


I'm interested in Low-level vision, Computational photography, Image and video synthesis, Image and video processing, and 3D vision.

Deep Video Prior for Video Consistency and Propagation
Chenyang Lei, Yazhou Xing, Hao Ouyang, Qifeng Chen
In Submission , 2021

We extend the deep video prior (NeurIPS 2020) to video propagation. We also improve the training efficiency for deep video prior.

Robust Reflection Removal with Reflection-free Flash-only Cues
Chenyang Lei, Qifeng Chen
CVPR , 2021
arxiv / code / project website

We propose a simple yet effective reflection-free cue for robust reflection removal from a pair of flash and ambient (no-flash) images. The reflection-free cue exploits a flash-only image obtained by subtracting the ambient image from the corresponding flash image in raw data space. The flash-only image is equivalent to an image taken in a dark environment with only a flash on.

Neural Camera Simulators
Hao Ouyang*, Zifan Shi*, Chenyang Lei, Ka Lung Law, Qifeng Chen
CVPR , 2021

We present a controllable camera simulator based on deep neural networks to synthesize raw image data under different camera settings, including exposure time, ISO, and aperture.

Blind Video Temporal Consistency via Deep Video Prior
Chenyang Lei*, Yazhou Xing*, Qifeng Chen
NeurIPS , 2020
arxiv / code / project website

Applying image processing algorithms independently to each video frame often leads to temporal inconsistency in the resulted video. To address this issue, we present a novel and general approach for blind temporal video consistency.

Video Depth Estimation by Fusing Flow-to-Depth Proposals
Jiaxin Xie, Chenyang Lei, Zhuwen Li, Li Erran Li, Qifeng Chen
IROS , 2020
arXiv / code / project website

We present an approach with a differentiable flowto-depth layer for video depth estimation.

Polarized Reflection Removal with Perfect Alignment in the Wild
Chenyang Lei, Xuhua Huang, Mengdi Zhang, Qiong Yan, Wenxiu Sun, Qifeng Chen
CVPR, 2020
arXiv / code / project website

Polarization information and perfect alignment are utilized to remove reflection accurately.

Fully Automatic Video Colorization with Self Regularization and Diversity
Chenyang Lei, Qifeng Chen
CVPR, 2019
project page / video / code

The first dedicated video colorization method without any user input.

  • Program Committee/Reviewers: CVPR, ICCV, IJCV, IJCAI, IROS, TVCG
Honors and Awards
  • SENG Academic Award for Continuing PhD students, HKUST, 2020
  • National Scholarship, 2017
  • Outstanding Graduate (Zhejiang University), 2018
  • Texas Instruments Scholarship, 2017
  • First-Class Scholarship for Outstanding Merits, 2017
  • Excellent Student Award, 2016, 2017
Teaching Assistant
  • COMP 4901J: Deep Learning in Computer Vision (Spring 2019)
  • COMP 3031: Principle of Programming Languages (Fall 2019)
  • COMP2011: Programming with C++ (Spring 2021)

Thank Dr. Jon Barron for sharing the source code of his personal page.

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